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5 Tiny Habits That Lead to Huge Impact

Habits are a repeating pattern of how our mindsets are programmed. It doesn't develop instantly. It happens through the progression of lots of little successes, strung together over time. 5 such tiny habits that create huge impact are:

1. Respect your goals. Do what you say you’re going to do.

Less talk, more action towards a goal shows the level of dedication and clarity one has. Those who have goals and those who take action towards that goal become superstars and go-getters. They seem to have a magic touch.

Just having a goal to work towards and respecting your words can create a huge long-lasting impact.

2. Let your emotions flow.

When we pen down our emotions, it creates a flow for new experiences and emotions to flow in. In the long run, Journaling is a good way to look back in the memory lane and to be grounded and de-clutter your mind.

Another good way to monitor your emotions is to Meditate and practice Mindfulness.

3. Move.

Go to a fitness club Or the yoga studio Or do home workout Or go for a walk. Whatever it is, just be physically active. In the long run, it will keep you active.

4. Be Authentic and Always make time for your loved ones.

As it is correctly said 'To hide a lie, a thousand lies are needed.'. Lies can bring immediate benefits but in the long run, it takes a lot of energy to defend a lie. Telling the truth is easy and hassle-free. Those who understand you and care for you truly would appreciate the fact that you are authentic and will trust you.

Keep in touch with your loved ones. Make it a part of your weekly or monthly goals. Don't overdo it and don't underdo it. Strike a balance.

5. Surround yourself with people who represent what you ultimately want to become.

This is a habit and a choice. If you aren’t happy with where you are now or where you are going, take a hard look at the people around you. We are the sum total of five people we chose to spend our time with.


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